American Association of Individual Investors -- Guide to Computerized Investing
Aberration -- Commodity Trading System Gives Trading Signals
AbleSys Corporation -- Commodities, Bonds, Stocks, Currencies or Options Indicators
Advisor Software, Inc. -- Mutual Max Computes the Allocation Mix of Your Funds
AIQ's MarletExpert Trendline -- Artificial Intelligence Charts and Analyzes Securities
AlleyCat Software -- Track Securities Performance and Portfolio Rate of Return
Allomax Asset Allocation Software -- Helps Determine Efficient Portfolio Asset Allocation
The Analyzer -- Technical Analysis and Charting Via Imported Data (Try the Demo!)
Andersen Investor's Software, Inc. -- Charting Programs to Financial Forecasting Tools
atOnce Software -- Hundreds of Software Titles Available for Direct Download
Backtest Wizard -- A Microsoft Excel Template to Test Technical Trading Strategies
Behold! -- For Macintosh, Technical Analysis and System Development Software
BellCharts Inc -- Mutual Fund Charting and Analysis Software (Try the Demo!)
Blue Note Analytics, Inc. -- Bid/Options Power Pack is a Palmtop Options Trader Tool
BondCalc -- A Pricing Software System for Fixed-Income Securities
Bob Browning's Treasury Software -- Geared for Banking CIOs...Listing 100s of Products
Captool -- Multiple Currency Portfolio Transaction, Value, Basis and Performance Reports
Chartistics -- A Technical Analysis Program
ChartSmart Software -- Analyze Canadian Stocks, ie. Resource and Speculative Stocks
Computerized Trader -- Trading Futures? Spreadsheets Available Here
Commodity Trader's Sidekick -- Definitions, Examples and References
Customer Service, Inc. -- Educational Programs and Software Packages for Traders
DollarLink Software -- Intra-Day Trading Program With Technical Analysis Toolbox
Dynatach -- Trading Systems for Use With TradeStation Software
EcoWin -- Analysis Package Works With a Database of International Markets
The Edge -- Software Pages You With Price Changes and Market News
EEBond -- Value U.S. EE and E Savings Bonds and Savings Notes With This Shareware
ElWave -- Applies the Elliott Wave Principle When Performing Security Analysis
Ira Epstein & Company Futures -- Futures Brokerage Firm Offers Charting Software
Equis International -- MetaStock Software (From Equis) is the Technical Analysis Leader
ExpressData Corporation -- Accounting/Reporting Capabilities for Certificates of Deposit
Ezy Group Stock Market Products -- Technical Analysis for Beginners and Intermediates
Febo -- Graph Stocks, Futures, Funds, Indexes and Other Financial Investment Data
Financial Markets Prediction Services Project -- NeuroGenetic Technology Used
FinancialCAD -- Excel Functions Re Commodities, Equity, Forex, Interest, Swaps, Etc.
Fintech -- Programs and Investment Tools to Analyze and Optimize a Portfolio
FlexSoft Software -- Technical Analysis Personal Ticker Tape and Pro-Downloader
FundBuilder -- Signals to Buy Low and Sell High Are Generated Using Market Volatility
FutureSource -- Software Vendor for the Futures, Options and Cash Markets
Gamelan Official Directory for Java -- Business and Financial Applets
Hawaiian Label -- Rapidly Screen Market Data for Trends Using CANSLIM Approach
i-Soft, Inc. -- Free Program Retrieves Online Quotes and Data for Reports and Charts
Inside Track -- Collects Data From an Internet Data Provider, Then Sorts and Displays It
Insider TA -- Technical Analysis Program That Uses Box Charting to Display Stock Data
InterQuote -- Access Quotes, Perform Analysis, and Prepare Graphs and Reports
Intuit, Inc. -- Quicken, QuickBooks, TurboTax, MacInTax and Other Financial Software
Investment Club Software -- Tools Built for Investment Clubs
Investment Enhancing Systems, Inc. -- "Enhancing Portfolios With Covered Call Options"
Investograph Plus for Windows -- Technical Analysis Using Technical Indicators + +
Investor Insight -- Collect Information From the Web to Integrate into Quicken PF
Investor's Advantage -- Uses Technical Market Indicators to Chart Stocks and Trends
The Investor's Galleria -- Review Links, Products and Services
Jumbo -- 90,000+ Shareware & Freeware Titles, Including Financial Spreadsheets
Larax Software -- Simulation Program Supports and Prices All Transaction Types
LimitUp!, the Futures Trading Simulator -- Shareware for the Beginning Futures Trader
LiveWire -- Monitors Stocks, Commodities and Options Online in Real Time
M&C Publications -- Your Personal Money Manager
Mamdouh Barakat Risk Management -- Helps Developers of Financial Applications
Manage Your Money -- Pay Bills, Balance Checkbook, Track Investments and More
Market Mako -- Any Time, Price Any Option in Any Market, Anywhere in the World
Market Technicians Associations -- A Member Organization of Technical Analysis Traders
Market Watcher for Windows -- Free Software to Manage Your Portfolio Via the Internet
Media General Financial Services, Inc. -- CD-ROMs of Fundamental and Technical Data
Mendelsohn Enterprises, Ltd. -- Agriculturals, Currencies, Energies, Meats or Metals
MicroHedge -- Option Analysis and Risk Management Covering Derivative Instruments
Microsoft Money 97 -- Performs a Variety of Personal Finance Functions
Monocle for Windows -- Monocle and Tax Tracker for Mutual Fund Investors
Monte Cristo -- Financial Presentations Using Virtual Trading and Interactive Derivatives
Most Significant Bits, Inc. -- Specialist in CD-ROMs Offers Some Financial Titles
Mutual Fund Manager -- Mutual Fund Gains or Losses Using All IRS-Allowed Methods
National Association of Investors Corporation Computer Group -- Investment Education
NAIC Software -- Fundamental Analysis of Stocks, Screening and Portfolio Management
NetStock -- Retrieves Stock and Mutual Fund Internet Quotes for Import into Quicken
NewTEK Industries -- Compu/CHART Analysis and Discount Broker Cost Comparisons
OmniTrader -- Scan Markets to Determine Prospects and Buy/Sell Signals
Omega Research -- TradeStation, SuperCharts, Wall Street Analyst and OptionStation
OptionMax -- 38 Option Strategies for Stock, Index or Commodities Options
OptionVue Systems International, Inc. -- Handles Analysis for Every Type of Option
Option Wizard -- Excel Template Prices Option Puts and Calls With Black-Scholes Model
Options Laboratory -- Graphical Modeling of Option Strategies
Options Toolbox for Windows -- Options Position Modeling to Simulate Performance
Professional Options Package -- Risk Management System for Floor Trader Pit Use
Personal Stock Monitor -- Automatically Retrieves the Current Price of Your Stocks
Primate Software -- Quote Monkey and Chart Monkey
The Portfolio Manager -- Track, Graph and Analyze a Mutual Fund or Stock Portfolio
PowerTrader -- Full-Featured Program Designed for Professional Trading
Prime Research Co. -- Develops Proprietary Financial Market Add-Ins for TradeStation
ProStream -- Free Windows Application Delivers Quotes Directly to Your Desktop
QUANT IX Stock Analyst -- Examines the Quantitative Aspects of Risk and Return
The Quote Grabber -- Java Application That Delivers Web Quotes and Charts
Quote Ticker Bar -- Shareware Ticker Application Displays Scrolling Quotes
Quotes Plus -- Tracks and Charts All Issues That Trade on the Major Exchanges
R&W Technical Services, Ltd. -- Foreign Currency, Treasury Bond and S&P 500 Trading
Reuters Money Network -- WealthBuilder Helps Plan and Track Personal Financial Goals
RRIFmetic -- Retirement Planning Software Balances Assets With Lifestyle
Science in Finance Limited -- Uses Artificial Intelligence to Develop Products for Traders
Shareware.Com -- Try Financial and Investing Titles Before You Buy at Reduced Rates
Sierra Chart -- Charts and Analysis of Futures, Stocks, Indexes, Options or Mutual Funds
SOFTSware -- A Free Interactive Options Strategy Program (English or Spanish)
Software Systems Boersensoftware -- Charting Software, Plus Worldwide Data (German)
Spreadware -- Analytical Add-In Tools for Microsoft Excel
Stable Technical Graphs -- Stock, Bond, Commodity, Fund, Index and Option Charts
SunGard Data Systems, Inc. -- Investment Support Systems for Financial Institutions
Technical Tools -- ChartBooks Helps Keep a Financial Database Organized
Telenium Companion -- Shareware Manages Canadian and American Exchange Stocks
Trader Gizmos -- Audio Tapes, Books, Charts, Data, Publications, Software and Videos
Tradex -- Technical Analysis and Portfolio Management Software for the Macintosh
Trident Trading Systems Limited -- Major Futures Contracts Traded on U.S. Exchanges
Virgil Corporation's StockCenter -- Internet StockTracker for Use Over the Web
Wall Street Software -- Online Source for Investment-Related Software
Watkins Enterprises -- Wall Street Tracker, Fund Tracker, Quote Tracker, Plus Utilities
What If Software Inc. -- Tax and Retirement Planning Answers on Securities and Realty
Wilson Associates International -- Asset Allocation, Security Analysis and Portfolio Mgmt.
Window On Wall Street -- "The World's Best-Selling Investment Software"
WinStock -- Upward/Downward Trend Reversing Analysis Exposes Price Indicators
Wolfram Research, Inc. -- Computational Power Used by Many Financial Analysts
XYZ for Commodities -- Artificial Intelligence Trends Markets for Trading or Hedging