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MSN MoneyCentral
Yahoo! Finance

Investing Sites

Bonds -- Investing in Investor's Guide to Bond Basics
Bonds -- E*Trade Bond Center: Searchable by Price, Yield, Credit Rating and Maturity
Charts -- MSN MoneyCentral: On a Page Compare Many Stocks Over Multiple Time Periods
Charts -- BigCharts: A Close Contender to MSN (and a Top Choice for Mac Users)
Directories -- SuperStar Investor: Topics From Annual Reports to Technical Analysis
Directories -- Dow Jones Business Directory: Business and Government Web Site Reviews
Financial News -- CBS MarketWatch: A Broad Collection of Stock Market and Financial Data
Financial News -- CNNfn: Stories are Supplemented With Links to Profiles and Articles
IPOs -- IPO Central: One Stop IPO Information Clearinghouse, Plus a Beginner's Guide
IPOs -- IPO Edge: Find Extensive Information During the 18 Months After the Trading Begins
International -- Search  by Country or Industry for Foreign Firm Shares
International -- Emerging Markets Companion: Find Unusual Exotica Not Found Elsewhere
Message Boards -- Raging Bull: A Stock Chat Environment With a Community That Polices
Message Boards -- Silicon Investor: Serious Tech Clientele; a Cost to Post, but Free to Read
Message Boards -- Motley Fool: A Variety of Uncluttered and Easy to Use Boards
Miscellaneous -- Netstock Direct: Major Guide to Buying Stock Directly From Companies
Miscellaneous -- Investools: An Array of Tools and Services
Miscellaneous -- Stock Detective: Stinky Stocks, Red Light District, The List! and SEC Actions
Miscellaneous -- Stock Market Simulation Games Enable Strategy Testing
Miscellaneous -- ClearStation: Learn Technical Analysis (Read Charts) to Predict Prices
Miscellaneous -- Multex Investor: For a Fee, Many Stock Brokerages Offer Their Research
Mutual Funds -- Morningstar: Major Information and Voluminous Message Boards
Mutual Funds -- FundAlarm: Notification When a Fund Under Performs Benchmarks
Online Brokerages -- Charles Schwab: Good Design and Customer Service Make it #1
Online Brokerages -- National Discount Brokers: Half the Cost of a Schwab Trade (+ No Min)
Online Brokerages -- Datek Online: Super Low Cost Basic Trades, Plus One Minute Execution
Portfolio Tracking and Analysis -- Great Tracker and Customizable Ticker Tape
Portfolio Tracking and Analysis -- Analyst and Portfolio Diversification Alerts
Screening Tools -- MSN Investment Finder: The Most Powerful Free Screening Tool
Screening Tools -- Basic Stock Searches Using Sufficient Criteria
Stock Quotes and Research -- Yahoo! Finance: Best Access to Stock Price, P/E, Volume, etc.
Stock Quotes and Research -- MSN MoneyCentral: "Advisor FYI Alerts" Supplement Search
Stock Quotes and Research -- Thomson Investors Network: An Array of Tools and Data
Stock Quotes and Research -- 10K Wizard: Crucial Info Sometimes Not Available Elsewhere

Savings and Spending Sites

Banking -- Free Chkg, Bill Pay and ATMs + Interest on Chkg w/No Min
Banking -- Tracks the Savings and Lending Rates of Thousands of Institutions
Calculators -- FinanCenter: Over 100 Financial Calculators
Cars -- CarsDirect: Obtain Prices for MSRP, CarsDirect and Dealer Invoice
Cars -- AutoNation USA: Owns a Network of Dealers, so Inventory of Cars is on Hand
Cars -- Invoice Prices, Reviews, Advice, Road-Tests and Used-Car Prices
Credit Cards -- Next Card: Credit Card Application and a List of Balances on Your Cards
Credit Cards -- Search for a New Card, Low Rates and Latest Trends
Homes -- The Biggest Home Search Site Out There
Homes -- A For-Sale-By-Owner Marketplace With Thousands of Listings
Homes -- Yahoo! Real Estate: Type in an Address and See the Most Recent Selling Price
Insurance -- InsWeb: Shop for Life, Home, Car and Even Pet Insurance
Insurance -- Quicken Insurance: Learn Why an Application Question is Asked and its Affect
Insurance -- Insurance Company Complaint Finder and Peer Comparison
Mortgages -- E-Loan: Many Mortgage Partners and Licensed to do Business in Most States
Mortgages -- IOwn: Competitive Rates and Online Rate Lock-In
Retirement Planning -- American Express: General Overview of Retirement Planning Issues
Retirement Planning -- ThirdAge: Only a Few Years Away From Retirement...Go Here!
Taxes -- MSN MoneyCentral: Projection Tools and Deduction Listing, Plus Info, Links and Tips
Taxes -- Fairmark Press Tax Guide: The Focus is on Taxes Arising From Investment
Travel -- Find and Book Reservations on the Same Service Used by Agents
Travel -- Double Check Your Fares With This Worthy Runner-Up