Applied Derivatives Trading -- Written by Derivative Traders for Derivative Traders
Astrikos -- Financial Astrology Site, Includes Astrology and Investing Articles
Bruce Babcock's Reality Based Trading Company -- Beginner's Must-See; Trade Ideas
The Barclay Group -- Publisher of Reports Directed at the Managed Futures Industry
Jake Bernstein's Futures Web -- Veteran Futures Trader Answers FAQs About Futures
Gibbons Burke's Wahoo! -- "The Computerized Trader", Plus Futures Internet Resources
Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation -- Guarantees Derivative Market Integrity
CISCO -- Futures and Commodities Data, and "New Market Analysis" Course
Club 3000-Commodity Traders Network -- Computerized Forum for Commodity Trading
Commodity Futures Trading Commission -- U.S. Commodity and Option Market Regulator
Commodity Traders Advice -- Quotes, Charts, Analysis and Daily Trading Advice
Commodity Traders Resource Center -- Commodity Traders News and Quote Links
The CommStock Report -- Publishes Commodity Commentary and Market Analysis
CMA Reports from T. Young & Co., Inc. -- Rates Trading Advisors and Futures Programs
CTS Financial Publishing -- Analysis and Charts for Stock Options and Commodity Futures
Dynatach -- Commodity Trading Systems Used in Conjunction with TradeStation Software
The Edge -- Option Trading and Risk Management Program
EzTrade -- EzAnalyzer Reviews Stock, Futures and Index Option Trades for Risk/Reward
Frankfurt Money Strategist -- Focus on DM-Linked Currency, Bond Markets and EMU
FutureLook -- Provides Analysis on the most Active Financial Futures Contracts
Futures 101: An Introduction to Commodities Trading -- How Commodity Markets Work
Futures and Options Contracts Database -- Contract Specifications and Descriptions
The Futures Group -- Become a Home-Based Realtime Commodity Futures Trader
Future Options Pricing Made Easy -- Using a Reference Book and Newspaper Quotes
Futures Magazine -- Online Edition, Plus the Learning Center's Educational Resources List
Futures Truth Company -- Reports Data and Opinions on Commodity Trading Systems
FutureSource -- Data and Software Vendor Provides Download Demos and a News Link
Harris-Mann Company -- Weather Predictions for U.S. and International Agriculture
INO Global Markets -- Everything Under the Sun Related to Futures and Options
Intraday Dynamics -- Free Historical Futures Charts Available for Everybody
Investment Crossroads -- Daily Weather Service for Commodities Traders
Investment Enhancing Systems, Inc. -- Stock Selection Software for Covered-Call Options
Investment Reference -- Teaching and Consulting for Professionals in the Futures Industry
Ipso Facto Daily Commodity Trade Advise -- Free U.S. Futures Markets Analysis
LimitUp!, the Futures Trading Simulator -- A Shareware Program From Vision Quest Labs
Managed Futures Association -- Investment Service Professionals
Market Research, Inc. -- Receive Access to Charts, Data and Trending Information
Market Systems Newsletter -- Advise on Trading the S&P 500 and OEX Options
Paul McKnight's Scale Trading Information Page -- Scale Trading Links and Resources
Monthly Profits -- Find a Manual, Newsletter and E-Mail About Writing Covered Calls
NetPicks Stock Option Investment Advisory -- Hopes to Yield Triple Digit Annual Returns
NumaWeb -- Array of Info and Utilities, Plus Don't Miss Derivative FAQs and Acronyms
Office for Futures and Options Research -- Faculty Papers, Reading Lists and Web Links
Prophet Time Systems -- Subscription-Based Timing Analysis
The Option Fool -- A Free E-Mail Newsletter on Options Trading and an Archive of Q&A
The Option Page -- Educational Resources for Those Interested in Trading Options
The Option Strategist -- Excerpts From an Options Book, Newsletter and Publication
The Options Industry Council -- Membership Includes the Five U.S. Option Exchanges
PitStar BBS Quote Page -- Daily Listings of Commodity Futures
Prophet Information Services, Inc. -- Free Futures Charts and Data Going Back to 1959
Robert's Online Applications -- Interactive Applications to Price Options, Derivatives, Etc.
Strasser Futures -- Books, Courses, Seminars, Software, Systems and Videotapes
TradeComp International -- Simulated Futures Brokerage for Education and Competition
Trader Gizmos -- Daily Tips + Books, Charts, Data, Publications, Tapes and Videos
TraderScan -- Interactive Site for the Futures Industry Advisors, Allocators and Publishers
Trading Places -- Continuous Information on the "Ops" System for Commodity Trading
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XYZ for Commodities -- Uses Artificial Intelligence to Spot Primary Market Trends