411-Business - Yahoo! Yellow Pages
411-People - Yahoo! People Search
411-Yellow Pages - Yellow Pages for Consumer/Retail and Business to Business
800 & 888 - AT&T Toll-Free Internet Directory
Acronyms - Accounting and Tax Acronyms
AICPA - American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AICPA CEFM - The AICPA Center for Excellence in Financial Management
AICPA PCPS - The AICPA Alliance for Local and Regional CPA Firms
AICPA SECPS - The AICPA Alliance for Auditors of SEC Registrants
AICPA State Societies - The AICPA's Affiliated State Society Web Sites
Alexa - Provides Information About the Sites You Visit and Suggests Related Sites
Audit Bait? - Calculate Your Audit Exposure (IRS Audit-Selection Formula)
Bank Rates - Prime, Fed Discount, 11th District, IBC, T-Bill and Bond Rates
Bankruptcy - Daily News, Statistics, Legislation, Professionals, Help Filing and More
Business Capital - Loans, Venture Capital, Investor Equity and Government Money
Business Plans - Ask the Experts, Plan Consultants, Funding, Sample Plans and Software
Business ToolKit - Model Forms, Financial Spreadsheet Templates and Checklists
Calculators - Tax, Interest, Loan, Yield, Present Value, Retirement Savings + More
California CPA Education Foundation - Extensive CPE, Including Online Courses
CAMICO - CAMICO Mutual Insurance Company (Accountants Malpractice)
CEO Express - Daily News, Search Engines, Business Research and References
Computers - All ZDNet Computer Magazines, PC Shareware and Mac Shareware
Controllership - Guidance for Controllers and Financial Professionals
CPA Credentials - CredentialNet Tracks and Forwards Credential Information
CPA Firms - Internet Directory of CPA firms
CSCPA - California Society of Certified Public Accountants
Databases - Global Link to 1,000's of Categorized Databases
eCommerce Alert - Electronic Commerce Analysis, Strategy and Interaction
Employee Benefits - Information and Links for Employers, Employees and Consultants
Employment - Financial Staffing in the United States, Canada and Europe
Exchange Rates - Exchange Rate Currency Converter For 164 Currencies
Executive Compensation - For-Profit and Not-For-Profit Compensation Data
FASB - Financial Accounting Standards Board
FASB Summaries/Status - Financial Accounting Standards Board
FauxCom - Sample Financial Reporting on Web Site
Fed Stats - Search For Statistics From Many Federal Agencies
Fed World - Search United States Government Information Servers
Finances - Home, Auto, Credit, Budget, Saving, Insurance, Investment + Retirement
Fortune500 - America's 500 Largest Companies, Plus the Fortune 500 Index, etc.
FTB Refund Status - Check the Status of Your California Tax Refund
FTB Site Map - The Categorized Portal Page to Vast California Tax Information
GASB - Government Accounting Standards Boards
GASB Site Map - Government Accounting Standards Boards
GASB Summaries/Status - Financial Accounting Standards Board
Government - Federal - Federal Government Information on the World Wide Web
Government - State - State Government Information on the World Wide Web
Headlines - Search AP by Headline, Date Range and Any Word(s) in Article
Incorporate - Form a Corporation, or an LLC, Anywhere in the United States
Independence Standards Board - SEC Company Auditor Independence
International Accounting - The Summa Project, International Accounting Network/Research
International Tax - Comprehensive Information on Each Country’s Tax Regime
Internationalist - The Center for International Business and Travel
Internet Banker - "ibanker index" Internet Banking and Financial Index
Internet Tax Fairness Coalition - Fights Internet Taxation & Regulation
Internet Tax Freedom Act Home Page - Extensive "Act" and Related Information
Internet Tax Links - Want to Find Out More About Internet Taxation?
Investigation - Background Reports, Personality Profiles and Credit Reports
Investment - Douglas Gerlach's Invest-O-Rama! -- Directory of Investing Resources
Investment Allocation - A System to Help You Tailor Your Asset Mix
IRS Refund Status - Check the Status of Your IRS Tax Refund
IRS Site Map - The Categorized Portal Page to Vast IRS Information
ISO 9000 - Numerous Information Links on ISO 9000
IT Training - Global Knowledge Worldwide and Online
Job Descriptions - A Variety of Job Titles With Descriptions
Legal Forms - USA Legal Forms (All States and Federal)
Legal Research - State, Federal and General Resources, Including Actual Law
Legislation - Federal Legislative Information on the Internet
Map/Directions - Map and Door to Door Directions From Start to Destination
Mutual Funds - Search Funds, Companies, Terminology and Topics
NASBA - The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy
News - Electronic Accountant Newswire (Updated Daily) Plus Searchable Archives
News Links - The Ultimate Collection of News Links
Offshore - Information for Those Seeking a Financial and/or Personal Life Offshore
Organization - Online To Do Lists, Appointments and Notes With Email Notification
Peer Review - AICPA Peer Review Program
Personal Financial Specialist - AICPA Member Specialty Accreditation
PPC - Practitioners Publishing Company
Privacy - Encryption Software Offers Secure Communications Worldwide
Reference Directories - Find, Browse, Search and Participate in Thousands of Them
Retirement Calculators - Roth Ira Analyzers and Other Interactive Retirement Tools
Roth Ira - Technical and Planning Information on Roth IRAs
SBA - United States Small Business Administration
SBA Site Map - United States Small Business Administration
SBA Loans - Types of SBA Loan Programs, plus the Myths and Facts About Them
SEC - U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
SEC 1933 Act - Text of the Securities Act of 1933
SEC 1934 Act - Text of the Securities Act of 1934
SEC Current Rulemaking - Rules, Releases, Bulletins, Notices, SRO Rulemaking, etc.
SEC Filings - Edgar Online, The Source for Today's SEC Information
SEC Site Map - U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
SEC Search - U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission "Website Archives"
SEC Search - U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission "Edgar Database"
Securities Regulation - Investor Information, Organizations, State and Federal Regulators
Shareware - All ZDNet Computer Magazines, PC Shareware and Mac Shareware
SIC Index - Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) Index
Single Audit - IGnet Single Audit Library (Inspector General)
Software - Searching and Evaluating Software Accounting Systems
Statistics/Calculators - Random Numbers; Distribution/Density, Plotters and RNG's
Stock Quotes - Ticker Symbol Input Yields Quotes, News, SEC Filings and Profiles
Tax-AFRs - Applicable Federal Rates For Imputed Interest and OID
Tax-Audit Guides - IRS Market Segment Specialization Program (MSSP)
Tax-CA FTB - California Franchise Tax Board
Tax-CA RTC - California Revenue and Taxation Code
Tax-Forms/IRS - Federal Forms and Publications
Tax-Forms/State - Federation of Tax Administrators Presents "State Tax Forms"
Tax.org - The Complete Online Library for Tax Professionals!
TaxPenalty.com - Compute Lower Penalties; If You Don't Save $500, the Calculation is Free
Tax Rates - CA FTB
Tax Rates - IRS
Tax Rules and Regulations (Free) - IRS
Tax Statistics - Information About Individuals, Businesses, Organizations and More
Technology - News - CPAtech, the Accountants' Source for Technology News
Technology - Top Ten - The AICPA Discusses the Top Ten Technologies
Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse(TRAC) - ATF IRS DEA and FBI
VeriSign - Authentic Site Index Searchable by Name, URL, Category or Keywords
Zip Codes - Find Zip Codes and Address Information

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