CONSUMER DIRECTORY - NONPROFITS -- Where Shopping Online Raises Money for Charity
Action Without Borders -- Information About, and Links to, Nonprofits Everywhere
America's Charities -- Charities Providing Community Services in the United States
The Annual Reports Library -- Non-profit, Charity and Other types of Annual Reports
Barnes and Noble -- Books by and for the Nonprofit Sector
Benefice -- Perform Research, Discover What's New or Make a Pledge
Better Business Bureau -- Philanthropic Advisory Service Reports
Carlton & Company -- Fund Raising Firm Serving a Broad Range of Organizations
Charitynet -- Clearinghouse For Charities and Donors, Providing Contact Information
Children Now -- Parenting, Children and Welfare Reform
Clearinghouse For Volunteer Accountants -- Find Free Accounting and Board Services
Corporation for National Service -- Service Corps, America Reads and Resource Links
Council on Foundations -- A Nonprofit Membership Association of Grant Makers
Coyote Communications -- Technology Tips for Nonprofits and Public Agencies
Federal Money Retriever -- Software Searches Database of Grants, Loans, Assistance
Foundation Center Online -- Provides Information to Grant Makers and Grant Seekers
Foundations On-line -- Scan Foundations For Application Procedures and Eligibility
Governance -- FAQs About Nonprofit Governance
Grant Proposals -- Information About Grant Proposals
GuideStar -- The Donor's Guide to the Nonprofit Universe
HandsNet -- Research Centers, Service Providers, Government Agencies and Coalitions
Impact Online -- A Nonprofit Dedicated to Getting People Involved in Their Community
Independent Sector -- Encourages Philanthropy, Volunteering, Initiative and Action
Internet Nonprofit Center -- Locator Enables Visitors to Find Almost any U.S. Charity
Internet Resources for Non-Profit Public Service Organizations -- Current to Winter 1996
Library Spot - Volunteer Opportunities With Nonprofits
Mining Co. Guide to Nonprofit Charitable Organizations -- News and Links
National Center for Nonprofit Boards -- Building Strong Boards and Nonprofits
National Charities Information Bureau Center -- Resource For Donors and Volunteers
Nonprofit "Cyber-Accountability" -- Information Technology Advances Accountability
Nonprofit Genie -- Opinions, Publications, Links and Questions/Answers
Nonprofit Network -- Large Network of Nonprofit Consultants
Nonprofit News -- What's Hot, The Nonprofit Journal and Gateway to Nonprofits
Nonprofit Software Index -- Financial, Grant and Volunteer Management, Plus More
Nonprofit Times -- Publication Highlighting Nonprofit Organizations, Plus Links
Opening Closed Doors -- A Citizens Guide to Investigating Nonprofit Organizations -- Worldwide...Research, Multicultural, International and Women
RSVP's Large List of Volunteer Centers -- International, National and State Organizations
SERVEnet -- The World of Service and Volunteering (throughout the USA)
Service Station!! -- International Youth and Young Adult Volunteer Service Organization
United Way Affiliate Directory -- Hundreds of Independent United Way Affiliates
Virtual Volunteer -- Promotes the Development of Cyber Communities
Virtual Volunteer Project -- Promotes Volunteer Activities and Helps Volunteer Managers
VolunteerMatch -- A Free Online Matching Sevice for Volunteers and Nonprofits
Web Results -- Helps Non-Profits Achieve Results From Its Web Site (Many Links)
Yahoo! Philanthropy -- Categorized Directory