America's Housecall Network -- All-inclusive Medical Reference for Everyone
Ask Dr. Weil - Hotwired -- Specialist in Alternative Medicine, Mind and Body
Balance -- Covers All Aspects of Fitness and Health
CyberDiet -- An Excellent Reference Source for Weight Loss
HealthFinder -- Health Information Resource Courtesy of the U.S. Government
Her Health Online -- Holistic Health Magazine for Women of All Ages -- Accurate Health Information on a Daily Basis for Parents
Mayo Health O@sis --A Fountain of Authoritative Family Health Information
MedAccess -- Health Information, Locate Doctors, Hospitals, HMO's and More
MedicineNet -- Read About Diseases, Treatments, Warnings and Side Effects
Mental Health Net (MHN) -- A Resource for Mental Health Issues
Merck Manual -- Journal of Medical Disorders
National AIDS Treatment Information Project -- Information for Patients and Caregivers
National Cholesterol Education Program -- Heart Disease and Lower Cholesterol
OncoLink -- One of the Top Resources for Cancer Information
Women's Edge -- Women's Source for Weekly Advice on Preventive Health
World Health Network (WHN) -- Information on Health, Fitness and Anti-aging