+700 Great Sites! -- Amazing, Spectacular, Mysterious, Colorful Web Sites for All
21st Century Teachers -- Teachers Helping Each Other Through Education Technology
21st Century Trust -- Future Leaders (25-40) Get Together at Residential Conferences
Academic Decathlon -- Intellectual Competition Between Students From Different Schools
Academic Employment Network -- Positions, Ad Placements and School Registrations
Academic Info -- Subject Based Directory Covering Many Educational Disciplines
Academic.Org -- Expect the Best from a Girl; That's What You'll Get!
AcademicNet -- Technology-Mediated Instruction and Learning in Higher Educations
ACT -- Provides Information, Support When Making Educational and Career Changes
Adult Literacy Database -- Adult Literacy Programs, Resources, Services and Activities
AFS Intercultural Programs -- Intercultural Learning Opportunities to Help People Coexist
Alliance for Education -- Ensures Availability of Essential Resources and Leaderships
Alphabet House -- Care for Developmentally Delayed and Medically Fragile Children
American Promise -- Helping Teachers Bring Democracy to Life in Their Classrooms
American Scholars Academy -- Scholarships for High School Seniors, College Freshman
America's 100 Most Wired Colleges -- Extensive Information From Yahoo! Internet Life
Apple Education -- Curriculum Solutions, Ongoing Research, Training Tools for Educators
AppleSeed Institute -- Citizens Increase the Supply of Effective Schools Through Innovation
ApplyToCollege -- The Universal Application, A Form Accepted by Hundreds of Colleges
Aristotle -- Kid's Clubhouse, VNewsPaper and Indexed Internet Interface
AskERIC -- The Educational Resource Information Center
Ask Yahoo! -- Answers to Burning Questions and Much, Much More
Assessment Governing Board -- Policy for National Assessment of Educational Progress
Basic Education -- Champions High Academic Standards for All Students's Education Gateway -- Educational Guide Focuses the Net's Vast Resources
Bilingual Education -- Promotes Excellence and Equity Through Bilingual Education
Biography -- A&E Site for Its Show Biography Offers Thousands of Biographies
Black Collegian -- The Career Site for Students and Professionals of Color
Black Issues -- Magazine Dedicated Exclusively to Minority Issues in Higher Education
Books4HomeSchool -- Your Source for Christian Home School Curriculum and Books
Books for Kids -- Encourages Reading and Puts New Books in the Hands of Children
BookSpot -- Book Reviews, Book Stores, Reading Lists and More
Brain Station -- Comprehensive Teaching and Educational Resources
Brain Track -- Thousands of Links to Higher Educational Institutions in 140 Countries
British American Educational Foundation -- Helps Americans Attend British Public School
Business Education Exchange -- Receive Education, Exposure to American Culture
Cable in the Classroom -- Non-Violent, Commercial-Free, Educational Cable Programming
Business Education Exchange -- Receive Education, Exposure to American Culture
California Missions -- Associations, Missions, Museums, Parks, Pictorials and More
California's Sesquicentennial Pages -- Celebrate and Study California's 150 Years -- Virtual Campus Tours of United States Colleges and Universities!
Center for Excellence in Education -- Promotes Global Science, Technology Competition
Charter Schools -- Starting/Running, School Profiles, Interactive Area, Resource Directory
Christian Schools International -- In the United States, Canada and 82 Other Nations
Classmates -- This Unique New Service Helps High School Alumni Find Each Other
Classroom Connection -- Free Education Resources, Class Materials, Lesson Plans, Grants
Classroom Connect on the Net -- Educators Information, WWW School Sites
Classroom Net -- Helps K-12 Educators Make the Most of the Internet in Schools
College Board Online -- Educational Excellence for All Students
College Bowl -- The "Varsity Sport of the Mind"
College Central -- Employer Central, Student Central, Career Central and Alumni Central
College Courses by Computer -- School Via Computer
College Edge -- Guidance on Scholarships, Careers, Majors, Financial Aid and More!
College Freshman -- College Close Up, Dream Trip, Hot Sites and Career Choices
College Guides -- Resources of the College Information Community
CollegeNET -- College Admissions, Online Applications, Educational Lists, and Links
College Parents -- Single Resource and Voice for Parents of College Students
College Planning -- Materials to Help Individuals Plan Successfully for College
College Quarterly -- A Journal of Professional Development for College Educators
The Computer Tutor -- Links for K-6 Kids, Teachers and Administrators
Cyberschool Magazine -- A Fun and Educational E-Zine
Dr. D's Potpourri -- Links Covering a Wide Range of Interests to Students and Educators
Educational Site of the Week -- New Pick Every Wednesday Morning; Past Picks Archive
Education Center -- Provides Information on Educational Institutions Throughout the World
Education Guides -- Argus Clearinghouse
Education Index -- Research and Educational Resources Indexed by Subject and Lifestage
Education Resource Links -- Useful Links for K-12 and Colleges
Education World -- An Incredible Resource for Educators, Parents and Students
Education - WWW Virtual Library -- Online Resource-Search on Any Education Issue
Educational Resources by Michael Latta -- Internet Educational Resources, by Subject
Educator's Guide to Internet Resources -- Helps Implement Classroom Technology
Educators Network -- Guide to Education Resources and Businesses on the Internet
EduClick -- Searchable Resources for Students, Teachers and Parents
EduROCK -- Search Database of Sites or Contribute to the Authentication Process!
EdWeb -- Issues Concerning the Internet and Educational Resources on the WWW
Electronic Policy Network -- Timely Information and Ideas About National Policy
Exworthy Educational Links -- for parents, teachers, and students
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) -- Find Internet-Based Resources
Financial Aid and Scholarships -- Financial Aid and Scholarships
Financial Aid Information Page -- Financial Aid and Scholarships
Galaxy: Education -- Categorized Directory of Web Sites
Global Classroom -- Offers Resources, Advice, Support and Training to Schools
Global Schoolhouse -- Internet Resources, Classroom Projects for Schools
Great Educational Web Sites -- Links to Sites That Enhance K-12 School Libraries
Homework Central -- "Why surf? Three Clicks and You're In!"
Homework Help -- Six Categories, Discussion Groups, Questions and Volunteer Teachers
Homework Helper -- "If You Can't Find It Here, Then You Just Can't Find It."
Independent Schools Information Service -- Guide to Independent Schools in the UK
Internet Research Assistant -- Links and Resources for Doing Research or Term Papers
Internet Educativo -- Aprendizaje Electrónico; Guide to Resources (English and Spanish)
Just Think Foundation -- Educators and the Entertainment Industry Promote Literacy
K-12 Jobs -- Your One Stop for Employment at K-12 Schools
K-12 Teacher Tool Box -- Categorized Teaching, Professional and Personal Resources
Kid Info -- WWW Indexes for Students, Teachers, Parents and Young Children
Kid Link -- A World Where Kids Can Join Together and Talk!
Learn@Home -- After Class, Academy, Community, Supply Closet and Teacher's Corner
Learn-America -- Offers Programs for the Youth of the World
Learning Annex -- Offers Short, Inexpensive Seminars on Various Topics
Learning Bridge -- High School Student and Teacher Forums, Links and Much More
KDLH Learning Center -- Helps Knowledge Seekers Find the Best Sites
Keypals International -- Index of URL and Email Addresses of Secondary Schools
Kid Info -- Allows Students, Teachers and Parents to Spend Quality Time on the Web
KidsClick -- Web Guide and Search Tool for Kids by Librarians
LearningNetwork (NY Times) -- Connections for Students, Teachers and Parents
Learn the Net -- Information to Get You Surfing, Trouble-Shooting and Creating Web Sites
LibrarySpot -- Libraries, Newspapers, Encyclopedias, Maps and More in One Spot
MCI Great American Net Test -- It Will Determine How Well the Country Surfs the Net
MidLink Magazine for Kids in Middle Grades -- World Link for Kids
Mr. Ed's Educational Site of the Moment -- Takes You to a Random Educational Site
Museum Mania -- Kids Museum and Library Treasure Hunts
Northern Ireland Education -- links provided by Infosite
On-Line English Grammar -- Speech and Grammar Primer
Peterson's Education Center -- Accesses Educational Information and Resources
RockLake School -- Educational Resources, Lesson Plans and Schools Around the World
ScholarStuff -- Scholarships and Financial Aid to Education Software and Job Search Tools
SchoolNet -- Educational Resource Links
Schools Online School Search -- Multi-Criteria Searchable Database of Schools
Schoolwork.ugh! -- Help With Language, Music, Biographies, Math and Science
Study Web -- 10s of Thousands of Links...All Categorized for Easy Research
United States Department of Education -- News, Funding, Aid, Research, Programs
Teachernet.Com/Brainstorm of the Day - Projects to Make the Learning Experience FUN!
Teaching and Learning on the World Wide Web - Searchable, Dynamic Collection of Sites
Tele-School Online -- Information Superhighway Between Home and School
TravLang -- Foreign Language Lessons
Vocabulary - Increase Your Vocabulary, Educational Stimulation and Fun
Web Resources -- Extensive List of Links Helpful to Teachers
wNetSchool -- The Practical Web Service for K-12 Teachers
WorldWide Classroom -- Study Abroad! Over 4,000 schools in over 70 countries!