ABC Credit Management -- Worldwide Credit, Debit Collection Service
Alliance of Global Business Exchange -- Build Relationships With International Firms
The American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) -- NonProfit Assn.
Asian Connection-Singapore Network Services -- Links to Asian Resources
Asia-Pacific Business Browser -- Great Site for Anyone Doing Business in Asia-Pacific
Australian Trade Commission -- Promotes Trade Between Australia and Other Countries
BizWeb -- Meta Site With Links Abroad and in the United States
Bodenmann International Consulting -- Executes Corporate Tasks and Problem Solving
Business Week -- Well Stocked Online Information Source for International Information
Canada Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade -- Learn Canadian Business
CEDAR-International Trade -- Resources for Exporters, Trade Agreements, Trade Leads
CommerceNet -- Promotes Global Electronic Trade Via the Internet
Commercial News USA -- Locates Foreign Trade Partners, With Current Information
Dow Jones Telerate -- One-Stop Source for Worldwide Financial Information
Ecola Newsstand -- Over 3,300 Publications, Updated Frequently
The Electronic Embassy -- This is a Window to the World of Foreign Government
ETO Associates -- Impressive Listing of International Businesses
EUROPA-European Commission -- Want to do Business in Europe - Look Here
Export-Import Bank of the United States -- Help Sell Your Goods Overseas Here
ExportNet -- A Tool to Help Companies Worldwide Profit in the Global Economy
Federal Express -- A Choice for International Shipping, With Online Tracking Available
First Interview Network-Search Net International -- Provides Recruiting in Europe
Freight world -- Transportation Information Clearinghouse, Links to Air, Sea, Rail, More
GATTS World Trade Directory Index -- Links to International Trade Information, Service
GlobaLink-Singapore Trade Development Board -- Useful to Exporters, Travelers, Traders
Global Legal Information Network-Law Library of Congress -- Laws From 46 Nations -- Offshore Co-Location Facility in Sealand Where No Data Traffic Laws Exist
How Far Is It? -- Distance Service Provided Online for Cities Around the World
Index of Online Dictionaries -- Translation Dictionaries for Many Languages
International Business Kiosk -- Leads You to Information for International Travelers
International Business Resources on the WWW-Michigan State University -- Information
International Chamber of Commerce -- International Trade News and Information
International Finance Corporation -- Finds Trade Resources Available Worldwide
International Franchise Association -- Excellent Franchising Q&A's
The Internationalist -- Information on Nearly 100 Countries, Links, Information
International Monetary Fund -- Promotes International Monetary Cooperation
International Small Business Consortium -- Promotes Small & Medium Business
International Trade Banking Services-Bankamerica -- Information for Importers
International Trade Centre-United Nations -- Promotes Trade With Developing Countries
International Trade Law -- Everything You Need to Know About International Trade Law
International Trade Links-NAITA -- Useful to U.S. Businesses Trading Overseas
InterTrans -- Specializes in Translation and Export Management Services
Irish Trade Web -- Find the Benefits of Creating Operations in Ireland
I-TRADE-International Trade Resource and Data Exchange -- How to Start Trading
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) -- Dedicated to Promote Foreign Trade
Japan Window -- Provides Internet-Based Information on Japan
John R. Brochert Map Library -- Increase Your Geographic Awareness Here!
Journal of Commerce -- Trade and Transportation Resource
Malaysia-Ministry of International Trade and Industry -- Know the Opportunities Here
Mariner Systems -- Software, Services to Find You Premium Shipping Deals
Maximov Online-Your Window on Russia and the New Independent States -- News
Mexico Information Center -- Mexican Business Opportunities, and Law
MiniMAX Business Game -- Simulation to Determine Your Global Business Skills
NAFTAnet -- Find Anything You Want to Know About North American Trade Agreement
National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST)-Technology Services Information System (TESIS) -- Standards in Trade and the Small Business Research Program
National Security Institute -- Responsible for Disseminating Security-Related Information
Nijenrode Business Webserver-Nijenrode University -- Set Aside a Day For This Site

Offshore Outlook Magazine -- Offshore Financial Services Websites by Jurisdiction
Organization of American States (OAS) Trade Unit -- Promotes Dialog in the Americas
Pacific Basin Research Center-Harvard University/Soka University of America -- Links
Polyglot International-Translation and Localization Services -- Language Services
PTCWeb-Pacific Telecommunications Council -- Communications Service
Saudi Arabia Royal Embassy -- Saudi Profile, Travel Information, News
Small Business Administration-Office of International Trade -- Information A to Z
Small Business Supersite-International Business -- Articles for International Trade
Somers & Associates -- International Investigative Consultancy
South Africa Online Guide -- Learn About U.S. Relations, and Business Opportunities
Stat-USA -- Information Clearinghouse for Economic, Trade, and Business Data
Taiwan Products, Manufactures, and Suppliers -- Link to Taiwan Manufactures
TradeAccess Business Information Service -- Index of Manufacturers and Traders
Trade Compass -- Best International Trading Information and Service Site
Trade Show Central -- Information on 30,000 Worldwide Trade Events
tradeUS -- Everything You Need to Know About Importing From the U.S.
Travel Health Online -- Learn How to Minimize Jet Lag, Where to Find Foreign Doctors
Travelocity -- Online Travel Service for Individuals and Small Business
Union of International Organizations -- Information on International Organizations
United Arab Emirates Internet Pages -- Information, News, Weather, and More
United Nations Development Programme -- Links to U. N. Programs Worldwide
United Nations Trade Point Development Centre and Network -- Information
U.S. Chamber of Commerce -- Up-To-Date International Issues and News
U.S. Customs Service -- Information on U.S. Import/Export Laws and Regulations
U.S. Department of State -- News on Current Relations With Other Countries
U.S. Export Directory -- Export Database With More Than 14,000 Listings
U.S. Information Agency International Home Page -- Information Clearinghouse
U.S. International Trade Commission -- News Releases, Reports, and Other Publications
U.S. International Trade Statistics -- Current and Historical Information
The World Bank Group -- Cultivates Global Economic Growth and Social Progress
WorldBusiness Network -- Links to Trade and News Related Sites
World Wide International Government Sites -- Links to Governmental Information
X-guide-Internet Guide to Japan Information Resources -- Links to Japanese Business