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Colonization Through Reconstruction


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Anne Hutchinson - American Jezebel or Woman of Courage?
Archiving Early America - Original Writings From 18th Century America
Captain John Smith - John Smith Was One of the First American Heroes
Colonial American Links - Great Resource of Colonization Links
Colonial Louisiana - Louisiana Purchase and the Battle of New Orleans
Colonial Williamsburg - The Official Site of the Colonial Williamsburg
Eighteenth-Century Resources - Search For Various 18th Century Information
History of Jamestown - Jamestown, Virginia the Mother of This Great Republic
Jamestown Rediscovery - Investigate the Remains of 1607 Jamestown Island
Mayflower, MA & New England Families - Early Colonial Families
The Massachusetts Enquirer - Mayflower, MA & New England Events, People, Life
New Netherlands Project - Dutch Documents in New York Relating to the Colony
Plymouth History - Gateway to the Past, Present and Future of Plymouth, MA
Puritan Woman - Writings from Rose Shade, A Puritan Woman
Religion in Victorian Britain - Overview of Religion in Great Britain
The Religious Society of Friends - Quaker History and Information
Scanned Originals of Early American Documents - Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc.
The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Maine - In Memory of the Colonies
A Timeline of Events and References - Up To and Through Founding Jamestown
USA: Index Presidents-Area - Provides Resources From Colonial Time to the Present
ushistory.org Front Page - Revolutionary and Colonial Periods of U.S. History
What is a Puritan - The Character of an Old English Puritan or Non-Conformist
Witchcraft Hysteria - Studying the Salem Witch Trials
Words and Deeds in American History - 90 Original Documents



Colonies | American Revolution | War of 1812 | The West | Native Americans | Civil War | Slavery | History Sites

1755 - The French and Indian War Homepage - Dedicated to the French Soldiers
British Music of the French and Indian War - Associates for Re-Enactments
Digital History, LTD - A History of the French and Indian War
English Civil War - Colonial - French & Indian War - 1st Maryland Regiment
French and Indian War - History Buff's Main Page
French and Indian War - General Reference
French And Indian War - History - History of the French and Indian War
French and Indian War Reenactment - Heritage Hill State Park, Wisconsin
The French and Indian War - Regiments, Soldiers, and Battles War
The French & Indian War - American History - Precursor to the American Revolution
The French and Indian War - Effects - Effects on the Parties Involved
French.html - The French and their Indian Allies at War
History of the French and Indian War - Links to the History of the War
History Links - Resources on the Web French and Indian War
Original Images of the French and Indian War - The French & Indian War 1754-63
The Philadelphia Print Shop, Ltd. - A Short History of the French and Indian War
Review - The Practice of Scalping During the French & Indian War
The Town Crier - Researchers and Journalists With One Common Interest: Early America
Treaty of the French & Indian War - Treaty of the War at Selkirk/Port Ontario




Colonies | French & Indian War | War of 1812 | The West | Native Americans | Civil War | Slavery | History Sites

18th Century Resources - Information on the 1700's
American Revolution Information - French and Indian War to the War of 1812
American Revolution Links - Links to Documents, Flags, and more
American Revolution War Soldiers & Descendants - Remembered, Not Forgotten
Casimir Pulaski: A Short Biography - Polish Hero of American Revolution
Drums Along The Mohawk - Story of New York Frontier During the Revolution
Freedom Trail - Follow the Freedom Trail Through Boston
Free Quaker Meeting House - Some Quakers Helped During the Revolution
From Revolution to Reconstruction - An Outline of American History
A Hypertext on American History - From Revolution to Reconstruction
Thomas Jefferson. 1743-1826 - Jefferson's Documents
Loyalist and British Songs - Songs and Poetry of the American Revolution
Betsy Ross - The Story of Betsy Ross, the History of the U.S. Flag
Site of America's Founding - A Guide to the Declaration of Independence
Yahoo! Revolutionary War People - Great Links From Yahoo!


WAR OF 1812

Colonies | French & Indian War | American Revolution | The West | Native Americans | Civil War | Slavery | History Sites

Events & Causes: War of 1812 - Good Chart of Key Events & Causes
An Eyewitness Account of the Battle of Tippecanoe - Account by Soldier Isaac Naylor
Fort Erie and War of 1812 Home Page - Historic Fort Erie, Ontario
Fort McHenry National Monument - See the Site of the Star Spangled Banner
History Index - Outlines Major Sections in United States History
Links to Other War of 1812 Places - Re-Living History: The War of 1812
Military History: War of 1812 - Resources and Links to the War of 1912
Military history - Links to Military History, Click on Map
Ohio Society War of 1812 - Society of the War of 1812 in the State of Ohio
The Road to Washington - British Army Style - The Attack on Washington
The Second American Revolution Soldiers - War of 1812 Soldier's and Links
Smithsonian Exhibit: Flag Hall - Flag Flown at Fort McHenry, War of 1812
The War of 1812 - The United States Officially Declared War on Britain
Welcome to Living History in Thunder Bay - Dedicated to the War of 1812



Colonies | French & Indian War | American Revolution | War of 1812 | Native Americans | Civil War | Slavery | History Sites

American Westward Expansion - Lewis&Clark Expedition, Santa Fe Trail, Oregon Trail
Along The Trail With Lewis and Clark - Experience Their Journey
The Autry Museum of Western Heritage - A History of the West
Biography of Lewis and Clark - American Epic Takes Us Back in Time
Cabildo - Site of the Louisiana Purchase Transfer Ceremonies in 1803
California Mission Internet Trail - View The California Missions
Democracy in America - Tocqueville's America: 1831
The Dutch in the Iroquois Wars - The Dutch Exploration of America
The Exploration of Lewis and Clark - Biographies of the Explorers
Focus on Oklahoma - Fur Trade in Indian Territory
The Idea of Women's Equality - A Site Covering Women's History in The US.
Lewis And Clark - Links to Follow for Researching the Expedition
Lewis and Clark Expedition - Jefferson's Directions to the Expedition
Lewis and Clark Expedition - Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage
Lewis & Clark Expedition - Retracing the Path of Lewis & Clark
Lewis & Clark Expedition - Congress Appropriated Funds to Exploration the West
Lewis and Clark Expedition - Student Rendition of Diaries
Meriwether Lewis, Explorer - Biography of Meriwether Lewis
Lewis & Clark Trivia - Little Known Facts About the Expedition
Eric Miller's Homepage - Excellent Collection of Lessons and Links
Mormon History Resource Page - Background Information and Internet Resources
Mountain Men and the Fur Trade - An Online Library and Research Center
Museum of Westward Expansion - 1840-1850 Major Emigration to The West
Museum of Westward Expansion -Mountain Men
The Oregon Trail - Web Site Developed for the PBS Mini-Series
Places in THE WEST - Lewis and Clark Began Their Journey 1804
The Rivers of Lewis and Clark - Take a "Virtual" Expedition With Lewis & Clark
Social Studies Maps Resources - Native Americans, Settlement, African-American
Studying the Lewis & Clark Expedition - Lessons on Lewis & Clark Expedition
Texas Historical Commission - The La Salle Shipwreck Project
Westward Expansion - Primary History Unit on The Pioneer Movement



Colonies | French & Indian War | American Revolution | War of 1812 | The West | Civil War | Slavery | History Sites

The Battle of Little Bighorn - An Eyewitness Account by the Lakota Chief Red Horse
Cherokee Nation v. Georgia (1831) - Status of Indians Under U.S. Constitution
Chief Joseph (Nez Perce) - Selected Statements and Speeches (1877-79)
A History of Northwest Coast Indians - Accounts From Captain Cook's Crew
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet - Great Links
Lakota Wowapi Oti Kin - Resource For the Sioux and Siouan Peoples
Native American Literature - The First American Literature Created
Native American Poetry On-line - Contemporary Native American Poets
Nez Perce Tribe - Historical Overview, The Treaty of 1855
The Sand Creek Massacre (1864) - Eyewitness Accounts of The Massacre
StoneE's WebLodge - Native American Links



Colonies | French & Indian War | American Revolution | War of 1812 | The West | Native Americans | Slavery | History Sites

5th Regiment Cavalry, United States Colored Troops - Black Union Soldiers
The 54th Massachusetts Regiment - The First Black Unit Organized in the North
America's Civil War Article - The Humble Civil War Undertaker
The American Civil War Homepage - Links to the Most Useful Civil War Sites
The American Civil War - Interesting Civil War Links
American Civil War Research Database - Union and Confederate Regiments
American Memory Library of Congress - Selected Civil War Photographs
The Civil War Archive - Extensive Site on the History of the Civil War
Civil War Battle of Olustee - The Battle, Confederate and Union Orders
Civil War Biographies - Written by Descendents of Civil War Soldiers
Civil War.Com - History and Time Line of the War Between the States
Civil War Heavy Artillery - Mortars, Howitzers, Smoothbores, Columbiads and More
The Civil War Home Page - Comprehensive Collection of Civil War Related Links
The Civil War Home Page - Battles - Links, Images, Maps
Civil War Index - Extensive Source of Civil War Links
Civil War Interactive - Civil War Interactive is a Free Online Civil War Magazine
Civil War Letters - Records of Soldiers Who Fought
Civil War Links - An In Depth Index of Links to The Civil War
Civil War Medicine - Medical Technology and Practices During the War
Civil War Poetry and Music Home Page - Poetry and Music Written at the Time
The Civil War Trust - Related Civil War Web Sites
Civil War Women - Writings of 3 Women During the American Civil War
Crisis at Fort Sumter - Interactive Historical Simulation, Civil War
CSAnet - Andersonville: A Legacy of Shame...But Whose?
The CWI Cook Book - Online Source for Civil War Era Recipes
First Battle of Bull Run - Orders to Advance on Confederate Troops
General History the Civil War - The War Between the States
HandiLinks to History - Civil War Directory, Guide, and Index of Links
Index of Titles - Links to Primary Sources, Civil War
Jews in the Civil War - Links on Jewish Involvement in the Civil War
Abraham Lincoln Assassination - The 1865 Conspiracy Trial, Booth's Diary
Abraham Lincoln - Interesting Information About Abraham Lincoln's Life
Lincoln's Life - Information About Abraham Lincoln's Life
Mary Todd Lincoln - Mary Todd Lincoln Before, During and After Her Marriage
Links to Other Sites - Civil War Resource, Outstanding Collection of Links
Making of America - Primary Sources in American History-Antebellum-Reconstruction
Memoirs of Civil War Soldier - Memorabilia of an Illinois Soldier in the Civil War
The Monitor - Historical Information About the Civil War Ship
Selected Civil War Photographs - Collection contains 1,100 Photos
Second Bull Run - Battle of Second Bull Run. June 25 - July 1, 1862
Study Web - The West, Civil War Social Studies
Suite101.com - American Civil War Articles and Links
Suite101.com - The American Civil War Causes
U.S. Civil War - Learn how the front line soldiers thought and felt about the war
U.S. Civil War Center , LSU - The United States Civil War Center
The Valley of the Shadow - 2 Communities in the Civil War, Augusta, Va. and Franklin



Colonies | French & Indian War | American Revolution | War of 1812 | The West | Native Americans | Civil War | History Sites

African-American Mosaic - Conflict of Abolition and Slavery
The African-American Mosaic - The History of African-Americans
Antebellum Georgia, 1838-1860 - North Georgia Before the Civil War
Black History - Exploring African-American Issues on the Web
Black Resistance - Slavery in the United States
"The Color Line" - Article Written by Frederick Douglass
The Emancipation Proclamation - A Proclamation by President Lincoln
The Emancipation Proclamation and Slavery - The Proclamation Freed Few People
The Forgotten Cause of the Civil War - A New Look at the Slavery Issue
The History of Slavery - An Article From The Detroit News, June 1997
Interfaith Pilgrimage of The Middle Passage - Retracing the Journey of Slavery
James Madison and Slavery - Madison's Views on Slavery
Reconstruction - By Frederick Douglas, Atlantic Monthly 18 (1866)
Slave Narratives - Documents From 1682 to 1880 on Slave Life
Slavery In Massachusetts - Document by Henry David Thoreau
Slavery: Social Death or Communal Victory? - An Appraisal of Slavery
Studies in the World History of Slavery - Links to Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation
United States Colored Troops - Site Where Black Troops Trained
U.S. Historical Documents - Links to Historic Documents Regarding Slavery
Woops, We're Sorry - An Apology for Slavery Just Won't Do



Colonies | French & Indian War | American Revolution | War of 1812 | The West | Native Americans | Civil War | Slavery

AP United States History - Course Outline for AP U.S. History
American History Before 1860 - Information from Colonization to the Civil War
CpaTeam.com - A Great Resource For Parents, Students, Teachers
Favorite Educational Web Sites - Some Favorite and Useful Educational Sites
The Flags of the United States - The History of the Flag, Pledge of Allegiance
History and Geography: Growth and Conflict - 8th Grade Resources and Activities
The History Channel - Where the Past Comes Alive On Line
History Traveler - Information for Travelers Interested in History
Inventions - Famous Inventors, Invention Links
Kid Info - Great Site for Students, Parents and Teachers
National Civil Rights Museum - A Overview of the Civil Rights Movement
Outline of American History - From Colonization to The Civil War
Resource Central - U.S. History - Links to History Sites
School Sites - Sites ranked 1-100 out of 1,200
SCORE - Schools of California, Online Resource for Education
The Smithsonian: 150 Years of Adventure, Discovery and Wonder - Visit the Past
Social Studies Grade 8 - Social Studies Curriculum. Eight Grade
The Ultimate Source of Free Stuff on the Web - History Publication Reprints For Free
The Uncle Sam Image Gallery - Tour of the History of Uncle Sam
U.S. History Information - History, Trivia and Interesting Facts
Words and Deeds in American History - 90 Representative Documents


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