Articles -- Internal Auditing and Fraud Investigation
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners -- Financial Sleuthing Organization
Carratu International -- A Consultant Provides Information on Fraud and Risk Analysis
Certified Fraud Examiner Program -- Benefits, Qualifications, Admissions, etc.
Computer Crime and Investigation Center -- Resource List Organized by Topic
Con Artists -- Categorized Hard to Find Information on Con Artists
Cybercop Home Page -- Crime Prevention and Investigatory Resources Links
Cyberfraud -- Seen a Potential On-Line Fraud? Tell the SEC About It!
Decision Strategies -- View the Newsletter From This International Intelligence Firm
Defrauded Securities Investors -- Reports of Corporate Fraud Affecting Investors
Financial Action Task Force -- Government Policies to Combat Money Laundering
Financial Scandals -- Banking Schemes, Embezzlement Audits, Insurance Fraud, etc.
Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support -- Information on This Topic
Fraud and Investigation Links -- Audits, Agencies, Information, Investigations, etc.
Fraud Control Policy -- A Best Practice Fraud Control Policy
Fraud Information Center -- Links, Forum, Information and News
FraudNet -- Share Fraud Policies, Procedures, Ethics and Resources
Fraud Report -- An Analysis of Fraud in Government...Types and Causes
Government Fraud Statutes -- Cotton & Company
Help Fight Fraud on the Internet -- Learn Protection and Complaint Registration
How to Protect Yourself from Business Fraud -- Dunn & Bradstreet
How to Spot Internet Scams -- Web Psychos, Stalkers and Pranksters
Information Professionals Network (IPN) -- Network of Investigative Professionals
Institute for Business and Professional Ethics -- Sole Subject is Ethical Behavior
Insurance Fraud Bureau -- FocusFraud, Plus Crime, Law and Research Links
Internal Auditing and Fraud Investigation -- Links to Relevant Articles and Web Resources
Internet Fraud Watch -- Basic Internet Tips and Much More
Internet Fraud Complaint Center -- Collects
and Distributes Data, Warnings, News & Statistics
Investigation and Security Library -- KPMG Peat Marwick
Investigators and the Internet -- An Outline and Presentation on the Internet's Use
Investigators Guide to Sources of Information -- Includes a Chapter on the Internet
Investment Fraud -- Overview of Fraud Schemes and How to Avoid them
Investment Fraud and Abuse Travel to Cyberspace -- SEC Warning, Including Checklist
Legal Investigator Links -- Criminal Justice, Computer Security, Government Agencies, etc.
Municipal Bond Scandals -- Overview of Scandals and Problems Affecting the Industry
NASD Regulation, Inc. -- Complaints, Disciplinary Log, Enforcement Actions, etc.
National Check Fraud Center -- Assistance, Alerts, Forgery and White Collar Crimes
National Fraud Information Center -- Focus on Internet and Telemarketing Fraud
Online Fraud Warnings -- Chronological List of Single Paragraph Reports
SAS No. 82 Compared to SAS No. 53 -- Detection Responsibility Has Been Clarified
SAS No. 82 Speech -- Discussion of the Independent Auditor's Responsibilities
SAS No. 82 Summary -- Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Statement Audit
Scam Alerts -- A Variety of Scams
SEC's Office of Investor -- Education and Assistance
Securities Class Action Clearinghouse -- Opinions, Orders, Settlements, Reports, etc.
Securities Investor Protection Corporation -- Protects Customers of Broker-Dealers
Stock Detective -- Guide to Stock Scams, Schemes and Fraud
Stock Investors Fraud Resource -- Respond to a Stockbroker's Mishandling of Money
Taxpayers Against Fraud -- False Claims Act, Information Resources, News Releases, etc.
Twenty Ways to Detect Fraud -- Getzoff Consulting and Accountancy Corporation
White Collar Crime: Loss Prevention Through Internal Control -- The Chubb Corporation